Dr. Tom Nebel
Dr. Tom Nebel

Dr. Tom Nebel is the Executive Director of Church Planting for Converge Worldwide, a position he accepted in 2006. Prior to that (1992-2005) he served as Director of Church Planting for the Great Lakes Baptist Conference and Associate Director of TeAmerica, the church planting movement of the Baptist General Conference. He has participated in the planting of more than 50 churches in Wisconsin and hundreds of churches across the United States, currently experiencing a success rate of over 90%. His passion is to fuel regional church planting movements so that they may be effective in expanding the Kingdom of God.

Tom is author of Empowering Leaders Through Coaching, The Coach’s Logbook, and Big Dreams in Small Places: Church Planting in Smaller Communities and Church Planting Landmines: Mistakes to Avoid in Years 2-10. His newest book, Parent Church Landmines: Ten Mistakes a Multiplying Church Should Avoid, a co-authorship with Ben Ingebretson, was released 2010.

Tom is an engaging and humorous communicator and a strategic leader. He holds degrees from Denver Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary. In the words of church planting strategist Bob Logan, “Tom Nebel combines visionary leadership and the solid experience necessary to see church planting movements propel.” Tom and Lori make their home in Madison, WI and Orlando, FL. They have two adult children, Andrew and Matthew.


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