Bill Easum has a thirty year track record of growing congregations in two denominations. His last church, which he pastored for twenty-four years, grew to the largest United Methodist Church in South Texas. His record of “evangelization” and “social justice” ministries was acknowledged by Industrial Areas Foundation in New York as one of the finest examples in North America. Bill is also the recipient of the prestigious Donald McGavran award for outstanding church leadership.

The past twenty years, Bill has served as a consultant to congregations and denominations. In 1986 he founded 12st Century Strategies (www.effectivechurch.com) which in 2000 because Easum, Bandy & Associates (EBA) easumbandy.com when he merged with Tom Bandy. In 2008, Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian reformed 21st Century Strategies Inc. Together the two Bills serve the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, and South Africa.

Bill has personally worked in over 700 congregations, some of which are the largest in the nation, and has taught hundreds of thousands of leaders (client list http://easumbandy.com/services/consultations/our_list_of_clients).

Bill is a regular contributor to Religious Product News, Net Results Magazine, and ezine On Track, and Co-editor of The Convergence eBook Series from Abingdon Press.

Bill is the author of numerous best-selling books such as Church Growth Handbook, How to Reach Baby Boomers, Dancing with Dinosaurs, Sacred Cows Make Gourmet Burgers, The Complete Ministry Audit, Growing Spiritual Redwoods, Leadership On The OtherSide, Unfreezing Moves, Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First, Under The Radar, The Nomadic Church, Go Big: Leading Your Church to Explosive Growth, Go Big with Small Groups, A Second Resurrection, Ministry in Hard Times, and Preaching for Transformation, all by Abingdon, and Beyond the Box, by Group and Ten Most Common Mistakes of Church Starts by Chalice.

Bill is a graduate of Baylor University, B.A. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.D., and Perkins School of Theology, S.T.M.

t: @easum
f: .facebook.com/21stcenturystrategies
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