Mark DeYmaz is the founding pastor and directional leader of the Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas.

A recognized leader in the emerging Multi-ethnic Church Movement, Mark has written three books on the subject including, Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church, chosen as a finalist for a Christianity Today Book of the Year Award (2008) and for a Resource of the Year Award (2008) sponsored by Outreach Magazine. His other books include Ethnic Blends and HUP: Should Pastors Accept or Reject the Homogeneous Unit Principle? In addition, Mark writes a regular for Outreach Magazine and is a contributing editor for Leadership Journal. His wife, Linda, is also the author of two books including Mommy, Please Don’t Cry, an anointed resource providing hope and comfort for parents who grieve the loss of a child.

In 2005, Mark co-founded the Mosaix Global Network and is currently serving as its Executive Director. In 2009, he established Mosaic’s non-profit, Vine and Village, and is a former member of Little Rock’s Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission.

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w: mosaicchurch.net
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