Neil Cole is a church planter as well as the founder and executive director of Church Multiplication Associates & CMAResources, which has helped start hundreds of churches in at least 40 states and 40 nations. He is seen by many to be one of the key founders of what is known as the organic or simple-church movement. One of the key training components of this expanding movement is the Organic Church Planter’s Greenhouse – Story 1 and Story 2 Trainings. (http://CMAResources.org/greenhouse)

Neil would rather be known for instigating radical discipleship and created a discipleship tool known as Life Transformation Groups (LTG); which is making and multiplying disciples all over the globe. He is also the author of multiple books including recently released Journeys To Significance, Church 3.0, Organic Leadership, Search & Rescue, Cultivating a Life for God, Organic Church, TruthQuest, Beyond Church Planting and Raising Leaders for the Harvest. He lives in Long Beach, California with his wife Dana, and has three grown children.

Find out more about Church Multiplication Associates//CMA Resources online at http://CMAResources.org

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