by Casey Graham

You have a God-given mission and a bold vision. You’ve carefully crafted your core values.  The website is live and the wheels are in motion.

As a communicator, you’ve definitely thought through the first teaching series, but you’re worried about how to pay for all of “the stuff”. As a catalytic leader, you’ve gathered a core team, but you’re not sure how to raise the money you need to serve your community.

Funding the church plant can be one of the most difficult parts of the process, because it’s not something that comes natural to a lot of planters. Jesus had donors who supported his ministry as well as a system to manage the money. The principle is true today: Ministry takes money.

Here are three principles you must embrace if you want to fully fund the vision God has given you:

Funding the church IS your job.  Preaching, planning services, serving the community, organizing outreach events, and having conversations over coffee might seem more fun, but someone has got to fund the vision.  And here is the reality: YOU are the someone. Even as your team grows, you will not be able to delegate ultimate financial responsibility.  Bookkeepers, administrators and Executive Pastors may join your staff, but you will never outgrow the role of CFO – Chief Fundraising Officer.  Don’t resign yourself to this fact; relish the opportunity to steward the resources God has given you.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that funding the vision isn’t spiritual or important.

Make it NORMAL to talk about money. We talk to too many pastors who are afraid to talk about money and apologetically teach God’s Word on the issue.  They are scared of offending seekers or running off key contributors.  But the issue isn’t talking about money, it’s HOW you talk about money.  Unchurched people aren’t dumb – they know it takes money to run a church.  And deep down, people WANT to be a part of something.  When you paint a compelling picture and clearly ask for participation, they will respond. Don’t wait until you’ve got services and lots of people to teach on money – get your core team involved in generosity.

If you don’t have a generous core team, you won’t magically have a generous church.

You need a FUNDING plan, not just a spending plan. Churches are good at developing budgets, coding expenses and counting the dollars.  But you don’t just need dollar counters, you need dollar creators. A budget is great, but what about writing a plan to GET the dollars you will spend?  As a church planter, don’t just plan services and outreach events – create an annual funding plan that builds intentional systems into following up with donors, emphasizing digital giving, discipling high-capacity givers, talking about money during your services and more.

Helping churches develop a funding plan is the core mission of Giving Rocket.  Learn more at givingrocket.com.


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